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Join us for an exciting two week event!

The 2019 Van Build Fest is scheduled to start
this November on the 8th!

Please go to the Home Page if you are planning to join us.

If you would like some help on a project please fill out the

Work Request at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Form page.

Join us for fun, fun, fun and more fun and some serious Van Building.

Not only will some of  best carpenters, fan installers, solar consultants and installers be there
we will also have a custom sewing team, a welding team and a team building composting toilets.
There will also be . . . 
Presentations by vendors to offer
    advice on solar and living off grid
    as a nomad
Demonstrations and Product Reviews
Activities for Children
Pot Lucks
Karaoke Evenings
More information will be added to the calendar
as it becomes available, check back often for updates.
You will have
a really great time.

Make long lasting friends and

meet part time and full time nomads.

Join groups who travel together.