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A Few BLM and Van Build Fest Camp Rules

A little

Bureau of Land


(BLM) Trivia-



to The New York Times,

the US federal government owns roughly


of all of the land

west of the Mississippi.

That compares with about 4%

of land east of the Mississippi. 


Be considerate of others

One of the most important components of outdoor ethics is to maintain courtesy toward other campers.

This helps everyone enjoy their experience. 


Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Operation of generators should be kept to a minimum if possible.

Your neighbors will appreciate it. There will be a fairly “quiet zone” offered for those of you

who would like to enjoy the peace and quiet of the dessert. 


you can expect quite a bit of noise and action if you choose to camp near the center of the camp.


*** If, for any reason there is a conflict between campers please direct it to Jamie.

       He will decide what the best solution will be to handle the situation.




Are permitted but no wood collection is permitted. 

Plastic items and foil-lined wrappers should never be burned in a camp fire.  


Leave what you find-

Leave rocks, plants, and other objects as you find them.I’m sorry for repeating this so many times but public lands cannot be disturbed. Trees and brush, dead or alive, are home to birds and insects, so leave them intact. 


Plan ahead and prepare-

Sounds easy enough but it helps you to leave No Trace and minimizes damage to the environment.

Here are a few ideas-

Remove food from its commercial packing and place in sealable bags. Sealable bags secure food and reduce bulk and garbage. Empty bags can be placed inside each other and packed out for reuse at home or easy disposal. 

Plan meals ahead to avoid generating messy, smelly garbage. It is critical to wildlife that we pack out kitchen waste, such as bacon grease and leftovers. Don’t count on a fire to dispose of it. 


Motorized Vehicles-

All terrain vehicles, etc. must remain on existing roads, trails, and washes. The speed limit is 15 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.

The following “rules” are self-explanatory and most of       you follow them, but, they need to be mentioned.

“Pack It In, Pack It Out”

is a familiar mantra to BLM visitors. Any user of recreation lands

has a responsibility to clean up before they leave. 

Pack out all trash and garbage.


This is so very important for many reasons.

One being if we don’t respect the land and leave it as we found it we will not be permitted to use it again for our Van Build Fests. There will be clean-up teams assigned to go around the camp at the end to make sure that we haven’t left any trace behind. Volunteers are greatfully accepted. Let us know at the check-in area if you would like to help.