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The Van Builds, how it all began...

"About 3 1/2 years ago I blew the motor on my bike. I was on a forum trying to figure out how to fix it. After pages of how to fix it some one offered to fix it for me. After some hesitating, I took the motor out of the bike and sent it to him. he started a go fund me, and that started it -

all he said was PAY IT FORWARD."

(A big thanks to Mike, Red Hurricane).

"Then shortly after that, within a three day period, I put my wife on a plane to visit her mom and she never came back, I blew the motor in my Astro Van, I broke my collarabone so I couldn't move my arm, I was totally screwed. So again, nomads and youtube viewers, pitched in to get me back on my feet".

I figured out that I had a lot of giving back to do"  


 What is a
 Van Build?  

"About three years ago

I started to help people out in the desserts of Arizona by figuring out how I could help them improve their living conditions."

"The idea took off and the Van Builds were born. Each year has grown in volunteers and people that needed and wanted help. Last year we accomplished over 350 jobs from solar consultations and installation, fan installations, carpentry, sewing, and welding to cooking. We are so very fortunate to have so many volunteers that donate their time and expertise."


What is in the Van Builds future?
The vision . . . 

"The vision for future Van Builds is to buy a piece of property that will be big enough to accommodate what I think the Van Builds will grow to and improve it. Maybe funding a business on the property to fund the Van Builds. We'll need to have a septic system, maybe a well or have water brought in, have showers and toilets, trash pick up, have a mail station where people can pick up the parts that they have ordered. A designated place for campfires, music and pot lucks. Kind of what has been done with 'Descend on Bend'."


To view videos from past Van Build Parties click below